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October 12, 2018
My Fascination with Finnish Education   Like most educators around the world who sometimes go into the “what if” dream world of education; many times the Finnish education system would fill that cloud of utopia. Most have been simply amazed with the international results of Finland on various international rating […]
April 3, 2016

A S.M.A.R.T. Vision Of Success

  I had the opportunity to be a contributing blogger for this month and here’s what I had to share … A   S.M.A.R.T. Vision Of Success What is your vision of success? It’s different for each of us at different times of our life. Right now your vision may […]
April 3, 2016

Setting SMART Goals With Students

  If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to set SMART goals with your students for this new school term. In education, we focus our goals primarily on academics – the grades we get and how well we do in school. When setting SMART goals with your students, make sure they’re […]
April 3, 2016

Friday Reflections:Teachers Really Do Crave Feedback

  You would be surprised, but teachers really do crave feedback. Instead of the dread or fear of an administrator/supervisor visiting your room it really should be a powerful opportunity to gain instructional feedback that would help you grow as a teacher. As a teaching practicum supporting teacher and supervisor this […]