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What is your why? What is your WORD?

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September 3, 2016
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March 2, 2017


For the past four years, instead of choosing a list of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve chosen ONE Word. On December 28, 2012, (Facebook reminded me of the exact date), after reading the book, “One Word, That Will Change Your Life” by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page and preparing for a major shift in my life, I chose the word EMBRACE. After spending four to five months is a world wind of transition after moving to Anguilla, at the end 2012, I decided to completely EMBRACE whatever I embarked  on and what came my way on this new journey. And I did, I took it all in as an observer, looking on from the outside, inside to this new world shift for me. Though it was home, I had come back a new me. Not the nine year old who left her Grandmother to live with her parents in Texas, but a  thirty-one year old young woman. Newly married, new baby, new country ( well, not the country I left at age nine or thought I left) and a new start and shift in my career. 

Many would never guess, but I’m an introvert. Outside my profession (my passion) of teaching, I am a very quiet person, many would be surprised. It’s a bit challenging though to have your own business and be quiet about it, especially when you love what you do. In 2013 I chose the word BRAVE. I knew that in order to make an impact, I was going to have to make some changes. I was going to have to get uncomfortable, I was going to have to do things differently and do new things. I did it, I stepped out of my box, well really ripped off the edges and was BRAVE to share a little more of me and who I was becoming.

As I was just getting a hold of being BRAVE, 2015 was upon me and I decided it was time for me to EXPAND. Well, let me tell you the power of words. My words were not only to guide my professional life but my personal as well. I literally expanded (lol) and so did my family that year with the addition of our second daughter Channy. My business expanded services offered, and I continued to expand my knowledge through an in-depth series of targeted professional and personal learning development opportunities because I’m a lifelong learner.

It’s amazing how fast time flies, 2016 was now here! After EMBRACING, being BRAVE, EXPANDING I took all of what I was becoming and chose the word MOXIE for 2016. When I first shared it with others, they weren’t sure exactly what I meant, so defined it in one of my first blogs of 2016;” A One Word Vision: MOXIE”.  Having MOXIE is often described as: vigor, courage, know how, gumption, spirit, aggressive energy, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, determination, nerve and simply put, just plain guts!  I knew then when I chose it the meaning it had for me but even better now at the end of 2016 since I’ve lived it. Words bring life!

Life sends messages. I’m always reflecting on how I can be a better wife, mother, or entrepreneur, which ever role I’m playing, because life is truly a stage. Reflection is an ongoing process but this is the time of year where I literally stop and take in the messages received from the whole year. The messages received through prayer, from people’s energy, journaling, through all the visual intake of social media and just life. And if we take the time, we would realize that those messages align. After committing to choosing ONE Word in 2012, it has become a tradition at this time of year to choose that ONE word that will reflect my vision and purpose for the next year in all I do. This year for the first time, I have juggled and struggled between two words for the past three weeks. The words resonating with me were ENGAGE and PRODUCE, but just like that, last night everything aligned after going on a movie date with my husband to see Collateral Beauty. After the movie, I realized my word was there all along and it was not going to be ENGAGE or PRODUCE. You see, there have been some recurring themes and messages in my year of MOXIE. After deep reflection, they all started coming back to me; rewrite your vision, collaborate, tell your story, purpose and commit to name a few. And yes, while in the movie, I whipped out my phone and started taking notes, well nuggets and the messages began to align in the first few lines of the movie when Will Smith asks his staff, “What is your why?” He answered, “We are here to connect! Our purpose is to CONNECT!” I typed it into my phone and proceeded to watch this powerful movie which resonated with the messages I’ve received myself about Life, Love and Death ( I won’t spoil it for you) whom he wrote to in the movie. I know life is relational, it’s all about building relationships. It’s what I do, I build relationships with students, families, teachers as part of adding value through education, teaching and learning in my business and in life by those whom I come into contact with. Yes, I want to ENGAGE, yes I want to PRODUCE but I now realize I need to CONNECT more. Not just a quick connection, but intentional connection. Connection with purpose. Genuine connections that will engage, produce and impact the lives of others and myself.

I’m choosing ONE Word this year again, but I am now looking at a LIFE Word. My New Year’s Eve book, (another tradition I’ve added over the years) will be, “Life Word, Discover Your One Word To Leave a Legacy” by the same amazing authors Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page.  In choosing my ONE Word this year, I have in a sense rewritten part of my vision and realizing my words each year are telling my story, which has so many meanings for me. I’m excited to see what will be written this new year in my blog BOL Chronicles, Lessons in Education, Motivation and Life. In writing my story, I’ll be blogging more this year!

My ONE Word and My Why are to CONNECT in 2017!

What is yours?